What Is the Three-Day Detox Cleanse?


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A three-day detox cleanse is a type of diet that is followed for three consecutive days to help the body detoxify. Overall food intake is not restricted during the detox cleanse, although certain foods such as sugar, wheat, dairy and processed or fried items are generally avoided. Fruit and vegetable intake usually comprises a large proportion of this type of cleanse.

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Detox diets involve eating plenty of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables as well as other health promoting foods including certain types of legumes, nuts, gluten-free whole grains and healthy oils. Flax, hemp and coconut oils are considered to be very healthy oils that can be used during this cleanse. Some of the most common fruits and vegetables consumed during a detox cleanse are beets, dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli and sprouts. Certain detox diet protocols allow for the consumption of meat while others do not recommend it.

The goal of a detox cleanse is to provide the liver with the nutrients it needs to detoxify efficiently. Making lifestyle changes such as enhancing circulation through exercise and sweating and increasing hydration by drinking plenty of water can be helpful during the cleanse. Reducing stress levels, supplementing with probiotics and improving bowel function and waste elimination by using herbal ingredients, colonics or enemas can also prove beneficial.

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