What Are Three Benefits of Taking OxyContin?


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Three benefits of taking OxyContin include treatment of severe pain resulting from conditions such as cancer, treatment of chronic pain with narcotic drug tolerance and treatment of severe, chronic pain in opioid-tolerant pediatric patients aged 11 or more years, according to WebMD. The medication also treats severe pain with opioid tolerance. However, OxyContin is not suitable for short-term or mild pain.

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Proper usage of OxyContin involves following doctor's or pharmacist's instructions about the medication, notes WebMD. Typically, patients take OxyContin at a 12-hour interval. To prevent nausea associated with the drug, it is advisable to swallow the drug with food. Patients can also lessen nausea by lying down for a few hours. Seeking medical attention when the nausea fails to disappear despite these measures may help improve the situation.

Besides nausea, OxyContin may cause other side effects including tearing eyes, perspiration, runny nose and muscle pain, which call for medical attention, says WebMD. The doctor may prevent these symptoms through gradual dosage reduction. Prolonged usage of this medication may render the drug ineffective, a situation that also necessitates immediate medical care. Additionally, OxyContin may cause drug addiction, especially in patients who used drugs previously. Following the doctor's instructions strictly when using the drug may help prevent addiction.

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