What Are Some Thoughtful Gifts for Pregnant Women?


Some thoughtful gifts for pregnant women include practical accessories that ease pregnancy-related discomfort, educational parenting materials, and tools to commemorate and record the pregnancy, according to BabyCenter. These include gifts such as anti-morning sickness kit, maternity pillows, and photo album and camera sets.

Thoughtful gifts for a pregnant woman should make her as comfortable as possible, notes Dr. Saunders Obstetrics and Gynecology. Gifts that make her feel special and pampered, such as a maternity photo shoot, are also ideal, as women undergo many biological and hormonal changes during pregnancy that can result in mood swings and insecurity.

Sleep aids, pregnancy-appropriate snacks, feet-soothing treatments and maternity shop gift certificates are also thoughtful gifts for pregnant women, explains BabyCenter. A maternity pillow supporting both back and belly is especially useful during a pregnant woman's last trimester, when lying down becomes increasingly uncomfortable. High-carbohydrate snacks with bland or minimal flavoring, such as crackers, are suitable as anti-morning sickness snack foods, while lemons, ginger and peppermint tea can reduce nausea. Pampering kits and products, such as a home spa kit, aromatherapy products or body lotions, can also make a pregnant woman feel more comfortable. A foot massager or pedicure is useful for soothing the stress of the additional weight on her feet as her pregnancy progresses.

For gifts benefiting both the pregnant woman and her child, parenting and child development DVDs, books and classes are thoughtful gifts, reports the Swedish Medical Center. Another thoughtful gift is a coupon or restaurant gift card for a date night, for use after the baby comes.