How Do You Get Thinner Legs?


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Although it is impossible to lose weight in just one specific area of the body at a time, the look of thinner thighs can be achieved by doing toning exercises that target the legs, according to TeensHealth. Exercises like leg lifts and side lunges are useful for this effort.

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The resistance machines at health clubs may be used to tone up lower legs and thighs. Fitness trainers are a good resource on the proper techniques for using these types of machines most effectively. Physical activities that focus on repetitive leg movements are also helpful for losing weight and strengthening the legs. This may include activities such as skating and bike riding, explains TeensHealth.

Adults should do muscle strengthening, or resistance, exercises at lease twice a week for optimal health benefits, says Wikipedia. In addition to the legs, they need to include all major muscle groups, such as shoulders, chest and arms, in the exercises.

Since young children and teens have bones that are still growing, at least three days per week of strengthening exercises is advised. Although exercises such as running and swimming can help toward the toning and slimming leg muscles, overall weight loss is best achieved through a balanced diet and exercise, says TeensHealth

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