How Do You Get a Thinner Face?


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Drinking at least 72 ounces of water and eating three servings of fruit and vegetables daily thins the face, according to Good Housekeeping. Abstaining from alcohol, increasing calcium intake, reducing calorie intake, burning more calories, reducing salt and adding strength training are also effective ways to thin the face.

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When the body is dehydrated, it begins to hold on to any moisture in the system, causing the face to bloat, according to Good Housekeeping. Sparkling water with lemon or lime is also effective at hydrating the body. Fruit and vegetables also have a high count of water and fiber, and they lessen the desire to snack on fattening high-calorie snacks. Avoid alcohol to avoid the quick dehydration that causes facial bloating. Increasing calcium intake leads to greater body fat loss and reduces water retention.

Cutting 250 calories out of a diet and burning 250 calories with activities, such as walking at a brisk speed for half and hour or working out to an exercise video, results in losing 1 pound per week. Salt causes bloating, so avoid processed foods, canned soups, canned fish, chips, and soy sauce and Chinese food. Engage in strength training to maintain overall lean muscle tissue and avoid saggy skin, especially in the face, that can occur from dieting.

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