What Are Some Things Women Wish Men Knew?


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The number one thing women would like men to know is that she appreciates a man with a sensitive side, according to WebMD. Through nurturing her, especially when she is upset, a man builds an emotional bond with his mate, which is something women want men to understand.

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While women are capable of doing most things for themselves, they want men to know that they appreciate a man demonstrating chivalry. From pulling out the chair before a meal to opening the door for her, she is most apt to seek this during the courting stage. Throughout the relationship, however, most women want a man to know that she craves romance, including an intimate dinner, flowers and poetry, even if the words are written by someone else.

Unafraid to be upfront about it, most women are clear about a desire to marry when the time feels right. However, she does not want to belabor the point with endless conversation. Rather, she wants men to know that she expects that anyone who is interested in marriage either propose or say goodbye. Women want men to know that eye contact is important and that facing her during conversation and locking eyes during intimacy is a clear way to build a connection in and out of the bedroom.

For a woman, having a serious talk does not necessarily mean there is trouble brewing. Instead, women want men to know that it is an opportunity to assess what is going right in the relationship, what is not working, and simply what is going on.

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