What Are Some Things That Women Find Attractive in Men?


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The qualities women find attractive in men are varied and numerous. Women often find confidence, initiative and ambition appealing in men. Many women respond positively to men who exhibit take-charge attitudes, have protective or even domineering natures, and embody the strong, silent type. At the same time, a large percentage of women more strongly value vulnerability. They look for guys who are in touch with their sensitive sides or men who aren't afraid to cry.

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Some women find a sense of humor among the most important of all personality traits. Others become attracted to men who can communicate effectively and also display good listening skills. Certain women respond to men with smart senses of personal style and can't help but notice well-groomed and nicely dressed guys.

On a purely physical level, women respond to some male body parts more than others, of course. Eyes, hair, lips and jaw are frequent areas of attention; the male chest, shoulders, arms, abdominal muscles and buttocks also receive many mentions. Some women single out a man's facial hair or hands as being attracting factors, and voice also gets a few votes.

Some attractive qualities are more unexpected than others. For example, a portion of women report liking heavily veined forearms, overgrown eyebrows, extra flab, freckles or even certain types of socks.

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