What Are Some Things to Use to Provide Tongue Pain Relief?


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Tongue pain caused by an allergy to food, chemical or environmental agent can be relieved by taking antihistamines, explains Medline Plus. People should also practice good oral hygiene to keep pain at a minimum by flossing once a day and brushing teeth at least twice each day.

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Individuals with tongue pain resulting from oral thrush can minimize pain with prescribed anti-fungal medications in liquid, lozenge or tablet form, explains WebMD. Patients should also avoid overusing sprays or mouthwashes to minimize pain. Food with yeast and sugar may encourage fungal growth and worsen pain.

Patients with tongue pain resulting from oral herpes can opt to take pain medications in consultation with a physician, recommends WebMD. A topical anesthetic may help to minimize tongue pain too. Individuals with oral herpes should drink plenty of fluids and pay close attention to signs and symptoms of dehydration, which may require medical intervention.

People with burning mouth syndrome can relieve or ease pain on the tongue by avoiding alcohol products that can irritate the mouth, tobacco products, spicy-hot foods and acidic liquids and foods, explains Mayo Clinic. Pain may also minimize when using toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth or a brand without cinnamon or mint ingredients. Tongue pain resulting from stress is often minimized when individuals take steps to reduce or avoid excessive stress.

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