What Things Should Be Non-Negotiable When Seeking a Man?

What Things Should Be Non-Negotiable When Seeking a Man?

Although the ideal traits of potential romantic partners may vary greatly among women, basic attributes that every woman should consider in a man include family values, financial stability and future goals. Non-negotiable traits are those that a woman feels she must find in a romantic partner.

In reality, it is nearly impossible to find a man who matches each of a woman's desired traits in a romantic partner. For that reason, it is important for a woman to prioritize her needs, determine which of the desired traits on her list are negotiable, and develop a list of non-negotiable qualities that her partner must possess.

Family values are important to consider before getting into any serious relationship. Regardless of whether or not a woman wants children in the future, partners must remain on the same wavelength regarding this important decision.

Financial stability is another area to consider. While finances may not always be the first thing that comes to mind in romantic situations, a woman should consider whether she can live with the financial means of any prospective partner.

Women seeking out long-term, committed relationships need to know their partners' future plans and goals. Discussing this early in the relationship can help to avoid frustration and heartbreak going forward.