What Are Some Things to Put on a DIY Wedding Planning Checklist?

What Are Some Things to Put on a DIY Wedding Planning Checklist?

Items to include on the wedding checklist include venue decisions, food, decorations, clothing and entertainment. Break down each category into the details to ensure all aspects of the wedding planning get finished.

Setting a budget and determining the number of guests is one of the first checklist items to include. This dictates the size of venue you need and the types of venues you can afford. The venue planning is one of the next decisions and should go near the top of the wedding checklist. Knowing when and where you'll have the wedding and reception is necessary to plan everything else, from the entertainment to the decorations.

Planning a schedule for the wedding day is another important element to include on the checklist. You'll need to know the times of the ceremony and reception so you can plan the logistics of the day.

The food section of the checklist includes decisions about the style of food service such as the caterer, buffet or sit-down meal, the type of food, beverages and cake or other desserts. The decorations category includes things like choosing a florist, types of decorations for the ceremony and reception, and whether you'll make or purchase the decorations.

Clothing is often a priority for the bride. Clothing decisions for the checklist include what the bride, groom and attendants will wear.

Entertainment is another important category. This includes things like whether you'll have a dance, if you'll have a cocktail hour and whether you'll have live music or a DJ.