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Holes are found in several of the female reproductive system's organs. For examples, there are holes at the entrance to the urinary tract as well as to the reproductive system itself. The vagina contains a hole for insertion of the penis during intercourse and for the delivery of a baby. The cervix, which connects the uterus with the vagina, also features a very small hole called an os, states BHIA.org.

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Adjacent to one another, the holes that lead to the urinary tract and reproductive system are hidden by skin folds, called the labia minora and labia majora, respectively. A thin membrane, referred to as a hymen, covers part of the vaginal opening until a woman has her first sexual encounter, BHIA.org states.

While the cervix's hole is very small, it can expand to a very large size when a woman gives birth. Located next to the cervix, the uterus accommodates the growth of the fetus and possesses some of the most resilient muscles in a woman's body. It also features a thick and protective lining called an endometrium. The muscles in the uterus are designed to be strong as they support the contractions that take place during the birthing process, BHIA.org states.

Fallopian tubes on either side of the uterus connect the womb to the ovaries and are used for transporting the egg into the uterus. Approximately 400,000 eggs are contained in the ovaries but just a few hundred are released during a female's reproductive life, according to BHIA.org. If an egg is not fertilized within one of the tubes, it simply disintegrates. Both the sex hormones, progesterone and estrogen, are produced in a woman's ovaries.

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