What Things Can You Try If You Want to Have a Baby Boy?


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The only guarantee for conceiving a baby boy is to gender select a male embryo during invitro fertilization, as outlined by an article in Slate Magazine. However, there are many at-home practices and methods believed to help boost the odds of conceiving a boy.

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What Things Can You Try If You Want to Have a Baby Boy?
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Perhaps the oldest and by far the most popular belief of increasing the odds of conceiving a baby boy is the Chinese Gender Chart. There are many websites dedicated to helping a woman predict in which months she will conceive a male child based on her age according to the lunar calendar, such as Chinesegenderchart.info. The Chinese Gender Chart method claims to be 99 percent effective, but this claim has not been researched.

Timing intercourse with ovulation is another popular method of attempted gender selection. Two timed methods outlined by the site What To Expect are the Shettles Method and the Whelan Method. Shettles Method dictates that a couple withhold intercourse until the day of ovulation to increase odds of conceiving a boy. Whelan Method directly contradicts Shettles, claiming that intercourse 4-6 days before ovulation are ideal for conceiving a boy. Both methods require an ability to predict ovulation, either through basal body temperature monitoring over a series of months or by using an ovulation indicator kit. Shettles Method claims to be 75 percent effective, but independent studies have not proven this claim.

Wives tales dictate that consumption of sweet potato, potato skin, papaya, red meat and quinoa leading up to ovulation will produce an interuterine environment favorable to male sperm.

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