How Do You Get Thicker Legs?


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According to Julia Williams at AZ Central, thicker legs come from exercises that work muscles in the legs. Williams notes that these exercises can be from formal exercise or by adding movement to daily routines. She suggests walking or riding a bike to work to develop leg muscles and thicker legs.

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Julia Williams at AZ Central says to take the stairs instead of the elevator to build more additional leg work into a daily routine. Add leg exercises like squats to passive activities such as phone calls. Join a sports team to add regular leg exercises. In general, be more physically active with children or animals to stimulate leg muscles. Start a garden in order to add more routine walking and squatting.

Williams also notes that a proper diet can help to build leg muscles. Add foods such as almonds, avocado, beef, beets, broccoli, raspberries and quinoa. Increase protein with chocolate milk, eggs, Greek yogurt, lentils, mackerel, salmon and sardines. Add healthy fats, such as olive oil, into your regular diet. Additionally, muscles are nearly 80 percent water. Drink more water to help the body build leg muscle.

Julia Williams at AZ Central says to add more calories to your regular diet. Calories lead to weight gain and to thicker legs. Williams notes that extra weight cannot be focused only on legs, and typically results in extra weight in areas other than the legs. According to Williams, adding regular movement to daily routines assists with burning off some extra weight.

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