What Therapy Is Recommended for Neck and Shoulder Pain?


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Treatment for neck and shoulder pain often include anti-inflammatory medications, pain relievers, muscle relaxers and application of hot and cold packs, according to WebMD. Antidepressants, corticosteroid injections and certain exercises can also be effective.

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What Therapy Is Recommended for Neck and Shoulder Pain?
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Treatment options vary depending on the cause, reports MedicineNet.com. Most shoulder and neck pain is caused by injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Arthritis can cause pinched nerves in the area, and rotator cuff injuries can cause pain when moving the shoulder. It is also possible for neck and shoulder pain to be brought on by a heart attack. Other possible causes include whiplash, tendonitis, gallbladder disease and inflammation in the diaphragm.

Most injuries that generate mild pain may be treated at home with rest, elevation of the injured area and pain medication, states MedicineNet.com. In cases of persistent pain, weakness, chest pain, nausea or shortness of breath, one should seek immediate medical attention.

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