How Do Therapists Use Addiction Worksheets?


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Therapists use a wide variety of addiction worksheets to aid their patients in recovering from addiction, according to Therapist Aid. Some worksheets aid the therapist and patient in developing a relapse prevent plan in order to develop coping skills, social support and clearly identify the consequences of relapsing. Other worksheets assist the therapist and patient in identifying addiction triggers and developing proper and healthy coping skills that give the patient the ability to avoid relapse if he encounters addiction triggers.

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Addiction worksheets come in a variety of categories including assessment of current behavior, intervention strategies for ongoing addictions and informative papers to educate patients about overlapping substance abuse with psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, psychosis and trauma, explains Psychology Tools. Assessment worksheets evaluate the current state of addiction by having the patient answer a questionnaire. Intervention worksheets provide guidelines for preventing relapse and developing coping skills.

Therapists use addiction worksheets to guide patients through established programs such as the 12-step program, reports New Hope Counseling. These worksheets allow patients to work through individual steps of the 12-step program and provide useful insights to the patient's recovery process. Addiction worksheets also help therapists guide their patients through secondary emotions that develop alongside the addiction, such as anger and suffering.

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