What Are Therapist Intake Forms?


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Therapist intake forms are questionnaires that patients fill out before meeting with therapists for the first time, according to Thriveworks. The forms cover topics such as medical history, medications, mental health history, past substance abuse and family history. In addition, the form provides a space for the client to explain the reason he is starting therapy and what he wants to achieve. The form helps the therapist identify concerns and choose a counseling strategy.

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The therapist intake form also helps the therapist understand the client's current circumstances. It may ask about past trauma, problems with social media, depression or current life transitions, states Thriveworks. In addition, the form collects basic information for the client's file, including name, address, date of birth and preferred contact method.

Therapist intake forms may include a combination of open-ended questions and multiple-choice options, as demonstrated by Neuro Harmony LLC. The Neuro Harmony intake form collects information about changes to the client's eating habits, mood patterns, relationship status, drug use and alcohol use. In addition, it allows clients to select from a list of symptoms, such as anxiety, rapid speech and repetitive behaviors. This form also asks about the client's strengths, coping strategies and positive characteristics.

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