What Are Some Therapeutic Group Activities?


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One example of a therapeutic group activity is dance therapy. Dance therapy activities include dancing as fast as possible, mirroring the movements of others, and making up a dance routine, explains About.com. Another group therapy activity involves drawing pictures of dreams and playing show-and-tell with the pictures.

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Additional activities that are part of dance therapy include dancing to express a certain emotion and telling a story through dance. Prior dance experience or skills are not required to participate in this type of activity, says About.com. Dance therapy is used to help people develop communication skills and a healthy body image. It also helps people work through mental and emotional issues. Therapists that use this kind of activity direct the patients in ways that reduce muscle tension, which assists with emotional health.

In dance therapy, movement is used to encourage self expression and develop self-understanding. People who benefit the most from dance therapy are those who have trouble with communication, are resistant to other types of therapy, or who have problems that are too painful to talk about, states About.com.

The dreamwork art activity is suitable for a group of six to 10 people. Each person draws a sequence of the dream, shows the picture to the group, and then the group discusses the dream, instructs About.com. The dreams may also be acted out by members of the group.

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