What Are Some Thalamic Stroke Symptoms?


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The most-common thalamic stroke symptom is central pain syndrome or thalamic pain, states the American Stroke Association. Patients experience intense pain in the affected hand and arm. Others report a disturbing freezing or burning sensation, while others experience a prickly feeling.

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Other common symptoms of thalamic stroke include loss of balance, facial paralysis, numbness, drooping eyelids and double vision, according to Brain Potential. The patient may experience nausea, headaches, vomiting and a tingling sensation.

Some patients are unable to speak, swallow, read or write, reports Brain Potential. Others feel sleepy and lose consciousness completely. This is because the thalamus shares blood supply with the temporal lobe, occipital lobe and brainstem, explains the American Stroke Association.

Thalamic stroke impedes strength and balance as well, explains the American Stroke Association. In extreme cases, thalamic stroke results in a coma. The symptoms of thalamic stroke usually occur during an activity and they are rather sudden, claims Brain Potential.

The reason why a thalamic stroke has so many symptoms is because the thalamus is responsible for so many functions, states the American Stroke Association. Some of these symptoms remain present even during the recovery period. Post-stroke symptoms of thalamic stroke include central pain syndrome, memory loss and inability to remember faces. Other symptoms that persist after the stroke include language deficits and loss of strength in the opposite side of the body.

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