What Tests Can Be Run to Find Cause of Numbness in Left Hand?


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Tests that can be run to determine the cause of numbness in the left hand include electrical and blood tests, X-rays, and scans, claims Hand to Elbow. Patients should state symptoms and be assessed prior to these tests.

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Usually, a hand specialist examines the patient for symptoms of numbness in the hand prior to diagnosis, states Hand to Elbow. X-ray tests are done in case neck arthritis is an issue, and the X-rays are usually taken the same day a patient has been examined. Patients are then advised of the possible causes of numbness.

The electrical test, medically referred to as neurophysiological assessment, involves sending electric shocks up and down the arm, and then measuring the speed and strength of their conduction, notes Hand to Elbow. This test, which is done at a later date, analyses how the nerves function, and can either be normal for a patient with a nerve problem or abnormal for a patient without a nerve problem. Previous medical records should be assessed by an analyst to determine the cause of numbness and the necessary prescription a patient requires.

For a patient whose diagnosis is not clear, a magnetic resonance imaging scan is done, states Hand to Elbow. The arm should be put into the scanner, which captures the images of the soft tissues and bones of the hand. A radiologist reports the film taken, which the hand specialist should review and advise the patient as necessary. Patients should check with the scanner department before undergoing a scan.

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