What Tests Are Available to Assess Heart Attack Risk?


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Anyone at least 20 years old without an existing heart condition can use a heart risk assessment tool online. The tool estimates the risk of developing heart attack or dying within the following 10 years, based on answers an individual supplies, states the American Heart Association.

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Certain risk factors, such as physical inactivity, smoking, obesity and diabetes, negatively affect the risk of developing heart attack, the American Heart Association explains. High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol also have a negative impact on the risk. These factors are all controllable by a person, helping prevent metabolic syndrome, stroke and heart disease as well as other health issues.

The Heart Attack Risk Assessment Tool available on the American Heart Association website lets users inputting answers to questions complete the assessment without registering, as the site shows. Entering information about height, weight and waist circumference helps in calculating heart attack risk. Other medical information, such as lipid levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, also factor into the risk.

Users can access the Heart Attack Risk Assessment Tool for identifying high-risk category or metabolic syndrome based on patterns of behavior, advises the American Heart Association. A lower heart attack risk result means the risk is lower, but any improvements over the current risk level are beneficial to an individual. When the assessment is complete, users can print results and all action plans for improving the heart attack risk and overall health.

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