What Is Testosterone Cream for Men?


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A testosterone cream helps the levels of testosterone revert to normal levels in those men who are unable to produce sufficient quantities of testosterone. Testosterone plays a critical role in male health. Creams are a preferable option to shots for many men.

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What Is Testosterone Cream for Men?
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A number of medical problems cause men to have low levels of testosterone. Men who have lost their testicles, in particular, have levels far below the average range. Testosterone helps keep muscles strong, and it has a profound effect on libido. It also has a number of effects on mental health, and many men suffer from depression when their testosterone levels are low.

Testosterone cream gives men a simple and safe way to get the testosterone they need. There are no testosterone pills available, and the only alternative to cream is injections. Cream allows men to avoid needles and trips to medical facilities.

In recent years, some doctors have begun giving testosterone cream to men with levels that are not especially low. Men produce less testosterone as they age, and some refer to this as "andropause." Testosterone has a number of negative health effects, and some experts reserve testosterone therapy only for men with levels that are exceptionally low.

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