What Test Is Used to Determine Memory Loss?


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A simple paper-and-pencil memory test may be used to determine memory loss, according to HowStuffWorks. The test involves two simple statements that an individual needs to remember at the end of the test and 17 simple questions to gauge status of the memory.

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The test starts with two sentences that require the person undergoing the test to remember later, explains HowStuffWorks. The test proceeds to questions such as, "Have you been forgetting to pay bills?" All questions have a maximum of one point. A score of at least 28 indicates that the memory is above average. A 22 to 27 score indicates an average memory, while a 15 to 21 score shows a weak memory. An individual who scores between 15 and 27 should do memory exercises to boost memory. A score of at most 14 points indicates a very weak memory and needs expert assessment.

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