How Do You Test Eye Vision?

A few types of home vision tests, including distance and near vision with standard eye charts, can give people an idea of how well their eyes work. People who have difficulty with the home tests or have abnormal results should get a professional eye examination, Medline Plus advises.

People interested in testing some parts of their vision can undergo the Amsler grid test as well as the distant and near vision tests. The Amsler grid test helps to detect macular degeneration, Medline Plus says. An individual should take a test grid and look at the center of the grid. The rest of the lines should seem straight, without breaking. He should note any broken or distorted lines with a pencil.

Patients who want to test distance vision can use a home chart similar to the standard eye exam chart. By standing 10 feet away from the chart and covering one eye, an individual attempts to read the entire chart, and repeats the process with the other eye, Medline Plus recommends. Repeating the procedure holding the card only 14 inches away allows for the near vision test.

People who undergo home vision tests every year can detect vision problems earlier than if they waited to go to a specialist, Medline Plus states. Anyone who suspects impaired vision should then see a specialist to do more tests.