How Do You Test Blood Sugar?


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Testing blood sugar requires placing a small amount of blood on a test strip in an electronic glucose meter, according to Mayo Clinic. The machine determines the concentration of glucose in the blood automatically. The patient records the results and takes the record to each doctor's appointment.

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Prior to taking the blood sample for testing, the patient should wash his hands using soap and water, and then dry them thoroughly, according to Mayo Clinic. Obtaining the sample involves using a lancet to prick the finger. Most blood test meters include an automatic lancet to obtain the sample.

Recording and observing results of the blood glucose test help patients to better manage their condition, according to the American Diabetes Association. By comparing the results of the tests with diet and activity levels, the patient is able to spot trends that relate to his activities. If the results are low for several days in a row, the individual may not be eating enough. If the blood sugar remains high, the patient sometimes requires a medication change. Blood glucose tests are preferred over urine testing for glucose. However, urine testing for ketones when the blood sugar is out of the normal range or during illness is essential for individuals diagnosed with diabetes.

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