How Do You Test an Adult for Dyslexia?


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While there is no one exact method used to diagnose dyslexia, doctors often use reading and language ability tests; vision, hearing and brain tests; and psychological tests to diagnose dyslexia, according to Mayo Clinic. A medical and family history is often taken.

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Dyslexia symptoms in adults are similar to those in children, explains Mayo Clinic. These include difficulty reading, including reading aloud; difficulty summarizing a story; difficulty doing math problems; trouble learning a foreign language; and difficulty memorizing. Dyslexic adults may often have trouble understanding jokes or expressions that have an implied or idiomatic meaning not easily understood from the specific words. Time management skills may be lacking.

Adults with dyslexia may hide reading problems and avoid writing or not be able to write at all, notes WebMD. They may spell poorly yet be very competent in oral language. Dyslexic adults are often intuitive, demonstrating good people skills and the ability to read people well. They can excel in jobs that require spatial thinking abilities, working as engineers, architects, mathematicians, physicists and physicians. While they may be entrepreneurs, lowered reading skills and difficulty with planning and organization may make it difficult for them to maintain a successful business. Dyslexic adults often work in jobs that are below their intellectual capacities.

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