What Are the Terminal Symptoms of Stage 4 Melanoma?


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Symptoms of stage 4 melanoma differ between patients, but the most common symptom is enlargement of tumors within the skin. The cancer also spreads to other body organs, explains Healthline. Cancerous growths form in other body organs such as lungs, lymph nodes, bones, the brain and gastrointestinal tract.

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Patients with this stage of cancer have tumors that are bigger than 4 millimeters deep, reports Healthline. In some patients with stage 4 melanoma, the skin around the tumor becomes ulcerated, and bleeding occurs. The lymph nodes become joined together, and they feel lumpy and hard when touched.

Although the symptoms of stage 4 melanoma are very painful and difficult to deal with, it is possible to treat the disease using various methods such as surgery and chemotherapy, according to Healthline.

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