What Is Terminal Cancer?


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Terminal cancer is not curable, and those with terminal cancer are expected to succumb to the condition, according to the American Cancer Society. Upon receiving a terminal diagnosis, some patients make legal preparations and tell family right away, while others continue to seek treatment despite the prognosis. In these cases, while the symptoms may be controlled for a period of time, ultimately the cancer will continue to spread.

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In many cases, cancer is curable if it is detected early enough. However, the more time that passes, the greater the opportunity the cancer has to spread, which in turn leads to decreased survival rates. Though there is no cure for cancer that is terminal, the American Cancer Society notes that a patient may extend their life and enhance its quality with intensive medical care. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can stall the growth of cancerous cells, while therapy or medications help to moderate the pain. Additionally, mental health therapy can help patients cope with related the related stress of dealing with a terminal condition.

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