What Is Tennis Elbow?


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Tennis elbow is a painful condition resulting from overworking tendons in the elbow, usually due to repetitive labor which places strain on these tendons and compounds in time, as noted by Mayo Clinic. Tennis elbow can usually be treated with mild pain relievers; however, in some cases, it becomes disabling and requires surgery.

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What Is Tennis Elbow?
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The forearm, wrist and elbow are the primary sites of pain in tennis elbow. The epicenter is typically the bony extrusion of the elbow where tendons are close to the surface of the skin and under the greatest amount of strain from repetitive muscular action in time.

Ligaments, along with muscles in the arm, keep the elbow joint cohesive and functional while providing it with structure. When they wear out or are placed under strain, the joint can become damaged or too painful to use reliably. Even muscle action which affects the tendon, such as using hands for fine digital manipulation, can become painful, as stated by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

There are multiple treatments for tennis elbow, including simple rest and anti-inflammatory medication, which can help relieve strain on the joint and promote the healing process. When medication and rest are insufficient, braces, steroid injections and open surgery may be required.

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