What Are Ten Home Remedies for Sunburn Relief?


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According to MedicineNet, some home remedies for sunburn include cooling the skin through compresses, soaking in an oatmeal or apple cider vinegar bath, applying aloe vera, lidocaine or hydrocortisone products and taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Prevention Magazine suggests avoiding soaps and adding baking soda to a lukewarm bath.

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Additional suggestions from MedicineNet include applying cool milk to the skin as the proteins may be soothing. Freshly brewed tea and crushed chilled cucumbers also soothe the skin and help restore the pH balance.

Prevention Magazine recommends patting skin dry after bathing to avoid additional irritation. Moisturize the skin frequently with products that include aloe vera and hydrocortisone. Drink plenty of water, and eat fruit to ensure the skin has the moisture and vitamins needed to heal. Avoid strenuous activity and additional sun exposure. If sheets are irritating sunburned skin, apply a light coating of talcum powder to the sheets to prevent sticking.

Prevention Magazine notes some medications and products increase the effects of the sun, including certain antibiotics, oral contraceptives, diuretics and acne treatments. Whenever a new prescription is received, ask the pharmacist if it increases the likelihood of sunburns. If sunburn is severe or occurs with heat stroke, WebMD recommends contacting a doctor immediately.

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