What Do I Do If My Temporary Crown Falls Off?

temporary-crown-falls-off Credit: Daniel Zgombic/E+/Getty Images

If a temporary crown falls off and has no piece of the tooth attached, it is possible to use a temporary dental glue to affix the crown back into the mouth, according to Dr. Peter Hazim DDS. If a piece of the tooth broke off and is attached to the temporary crown, an emergency appointment with the dentist is needed to have it glued back into the mouth.

Because a temporary crown is not intended for long-term use, it is fairly common for it to fall off, according to DentalCareMatters. Once a temporary crown falls off, it is important to keep the area clean and free of debris to prevent complications. The person who has lost the crown should not eat on the side of the mouth that the crown was on until it is possible to affix the crown back into the mouth.

Temporary dental cement to reattach the crown can be purchased at a pharmacy, according to DentalCareMatters. However, this cement is not as strong as the glue used originally to affix the tooth and the likelihood of the crown falling off again is high. Eating and chewing on the temporary crown should be avoided to prevent dislodging it again.