What Are Some of Temple University Hospital's Specializations?


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Temple University Hospital specializes in several types of care and treatment, including lung disease, heart disease, cancer research, digestive disease and neuroscience. It also offers a department dedicated to bariatric surgery, which consists of procedures to help lose weight safely, and programs for transplanting bone marrow and abdominal organs.

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Temple University Hospital serves as the main clinical training facility for Temple University School of Medicine as well as operating as a fully functioning medical treatment entity. As such, it offers several specializations that focus on the research of different diseases and areas of the body, allowing students to learn more about these matters as well as employing highly trained medical professionals to develop and implement new treatments and techniques. For example, its lung disease department researches the different causes of illness in that organ and develops new medical techniques to repair damage and restore breathing capabilities. Similarly, its heart disease center specializes in surgeries to repair the heart and its valves.

The hospital also maintains a bariatric department that helps individuals lose weight through a variety of programs and procedures that include physiological care and post-surgery lifestyle training. Another specialty within the hospital is organ transplanting, which includes monitoring the rate at which the host accepts the new organ and creating new techniques for different types of transplants to reduce healing time. Each of the departments also studies its patients to help further the understanding of the disease and the way patients accept treatment.

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