What Is Temovate Ointment Used For?


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Temovate ointment is used to treat skin inflammation, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, coin-shaped rash and plaque psoriasis. It is also used to treat oily, scaly skin, particularly on the face and scalp.

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Temovate ointment, known generically as clobetasol propionate, is a super-high-potency corticosteroid. It alleviates itching, swelling and redness caused by certain skin conditions. Patients are normally instructed to apply Temovate ointment to the affected area twice a day for no more than two weeks.

This medication should avoid contact with the eyes, as it can cause or exacerbate glaucoma. Patients who accidentally get Temovate ointment in the eyes, nose or mouth are advised to rinse the areas thoroughly with water.

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