What Are Telltale Signs to Help Identify Red Spots on Skin Pictures?


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The location, size and texture of red spots on the skin are often useful for differentiating one skin condition from another, states WebMD. Many conditions that cause red spots on the skin are localized to one area of the body, while other conditions present with raised red spots or red spots that are associated with dry and flaking skin in the affected area.

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What Are Telltale Signs to Help Identify Red Spots on Skin Pictures?
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Diseases such as herpes simplex and shingles are most often localized to specific body parts, according to WebMD. In the case of herpes simplex, red bumps usually appear on the lips, while shingles most commonly occurs on the trunk or buttocks. Shingles is also distinguished from other skin conditions by clusters of raised red spots that evolve into painful blisters over the course of an outbreak. In contrast, the skin condition psoriasis is usually localized to the elbows, knees, scalp or lower back and typically consists of larger red spots of skin that are also flaky and itchy.

Not all red spots on the skin are associated with a specific condition, according to WebMD. The itchy, raised red spots known as hives are associated with a number of causes, including allergic reactions, extreme temperatures and some infections. It is therefore important to consider recent exposures to any potential causes when evaluating these types of skin conditions.

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