How Do You Tell When a Pos-T-Vac Is in Use?


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To ascertain that a Pos-T-Vac is in use, check the position of the apparatus; if it is positioned over the penis and the soft-gel tension ring has transferred to the penis base, the vacuum engages to draw blood to the penis, thus creating an erection, explains Pos-T-Vac Medical. The physical reaction should occur almost instantly. For those who need Pos-T-Vac to maintain an erection, it is imperative to understand and properly use the device to enjoy a healthy sex life.

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As long as tension is maintained in this device through correct application, the penis can hold a full erection for up to 30 minutes, according to the company website. With the Pos-T-Vac, ejaculation escape occurs in many cases, and it is possible to maintain the erection even after orgasm. Intercourse can be possible for up to the projected 30 minutes but should not surpass the allotted time. After the 30 minutes, disengage the vacuum action of the device by removing the tension system, which typically causes the erection to subside.

It is possible to repeatedly use the Pos-T-Vac throughout the day by re-engaging the device after a few minutes have passed, notes Pos-T-Vac Medical. With proper application, the use of this device should never cause pain or discomfort.

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