How Do You Tell Friends and Family Creatively That You're Expecting?

Parenting Magazine says that a good idea to tell someone that you're expecting is to give a present to someone and say that you just wanted to get them something that they liked. The present can be anything related to a baby, such as a bib that says "I love grandma."

Parenting Magazine also mentioned how one mom changed her Facebook profile to a picture of her pregnancy test that said the word "pregnant." Another funny idea is to give your sister or friend your tampons or feminine pads and tell them that you will not be needing them for nine months.

One mom reported to Parenting Magazine that she and her family enjoyed riding motorcycles, so she gave her mom a book called "Grandma Rides a Harley." Another example of the many ways to tell that you are expecting is to take your family or friends to a baseball game and have the TV screen say that you are going to be growing your family by two feet. You could also bake a cake or some cupcakes and make the cake either blue or pink and frost it with another neutral color. You could write a message, such as "We're expecting!" on top. When your guests cut into the cake or cupcake, they will find out what gender your baby will be.