How Do You Tell If Your Body Produces Too Much Estrogen?


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While several home tests are available to measure estrogen levels using saliva, the most reliable way to determine if your body produces too much is to see your doctor, states Shape Magazine. Most physicians use blood or urinary samples for accuracy, and can offer advice to lower or prevent high levels.

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High estrogen levels affect a number of women, especially those over the age of 35. According to WebMD.com, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes place women at a higher risk. Some women experience symptoms commonly associated with too much estrogen, including but not limited to severe PMS, decreased interest in sex, trouble sleeping, unexplained weight gain and memory loss.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a study that linked obesity to higher risks of breast cancer. The research found that higher levels of body fat correlated to increased estrogen levels. Too much estrogen also increases the risks of ovarian and uterine cancer, and may amplify symptoms of menopause.

Shape Magazine recommends lifestyle and diet changes to prevent and lower estrogen levels. Individuals should opt for almond or coconut milk rather than soy, and buy organic produce to avoid chemicals that may accelerate production. Exercising regularly and eliminating alcohol from the diet helps to keep hormonal levels in balance.

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