What Are Some Teeth Whitening Tips?


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Possible teeth whitening tips include eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, using baking soda to combat stains, eating cheese to prevent cavities and remineralize teeth, and brushing and flossing regularly. Eating strawberries specifically has been shown to remove plaque buildup and surface stains.

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What Are Some Teeth Whitening Tips?
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Appropriate shades of lipstick have the power to visually trick the human eye into thinking a person's teeth are whiter than they actually are, says Brynn Mannino for Woman's Day. The darker the skin appears, the more the color of teeth will contrast against it, so it is a good idea to use a mild or gradual sunless tanning product on the face to create the appearance of a tanned glow. White gold, silver and platinum jewelry match well with the lighter tones in teeth, making them appear to sparkle, but wearing gold jewelry around the face is not recommended for people who are trying to achieve a whiter smile.

High-fiber foods like apples, celery, broccoli and carrots lightly scratch against the outer layer of plaque to whisk it away while chewing. The majority of staining on teeth is caused by darkly pigmented drinks, such as coffee, red wine and tea. Drinking through a straw is a good way to avoid contact with the teeth.

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