Why Do Teeth Turn Grey?

Gray teeth can be caused by staining of the tooth enamel, internal damage to the tooth and the use of antibiotics at a young age, according to More and Crest. While staining and antibiotic damage can be reversed using tooth whitening and bleaching products and services, if gray teeth are caused due to internal damage, More claims that bleaching and whitening does not help the problem.

Tooth decay is often identified as the cause of graying teeth, and Cigna advises that dealing with the problem promptly can prevent painful symptoms and infection. As teeth age, the combination of staining from foods and drinks and thinning enamel can also create a gray hue on the teeth, according to More magazine. Crest explains that the use of the antibiotic tetracycline by pregnant women and children has also been shown to create completely gray teeth or teeth with gray bands on them, and for this reason, the antibiotic is no longer prescribed to pregnant women and children. According to More, if gray teeth are the result of a trauma that has left the tooth dead, it is not possible to restore the natural white color of the tooth without the use of veneers or bonding.