How Do Teens Get Fit?

How Do Teens Get Fit?

To get fit, get moving. Teens who play sports are able to remain healthy, according to WebMD. Weight training is an option for teens who do not enjoy aerobic exercise. Doing chores around the house keeps kids off the couch and on their toes.

Teens become healthier through exercise. Doing resistance exercises such as crunches or push-ups increases lean muscle mass in the body and aids metabolism. A 2009 study reveals that kids who engage in resistance exercise three times a week decrease body fat more rapidly and develop leaner muscles.

If ordinary exercise is too dull, seek out activities that include physical exertion. Martial arts, dance and gymnastics classes provide plenty of exercise while focusing on learning skills. Volunteer activities that involve working in the outdoors, such as highway trash cleanup, keep teens active and help the community.

WebMD mentions that parents should limit television and computer time so that teens engage in a more active lifestyle. Additionally, children with active parents are more likely to be active themselves. Engage in family sports, hikes or bike rides, and stock the refrigerator with healthy foods to encourage good habits.

Successful weight loss measures for teens include consuming more fruits and vegetables and drinking less soda. Whole grains and lean meats are part of a healthy diet. Exercise on a regular basis is vital, along with regular weigh-ins to maintain a sense of accountability.