What Are Some Techniques for Transcendental Meditation?


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The technique for transcendental meditation is sitting with the eyes closed and silently repeating a mantra. The mantra is chosen by either the practitioner or his teacher. The practitioner sits in a comfortable position, as there isn't a special pose required.

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What Are Some Techniques for Transcendental Meditation?
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Transcendental meditation is typically taught by a certified instructor over a seven-step course. The first step is a one-hour introductory lecture. Another lecture follows, which is more specific and 45 minutes long.

The practitioner is interviewed for 15 minutes, followed by one to two hours of personal instruction. A ceremony takes place, and he then receives a mantra. The final three steps take place over the next three days. The practitioner receives one to two hours of personalized instruction per day.

After completion of the course, the practitioner meets with his instructor multiple times over the following months to ensure proper technique.

The mantra is supposed to be kept secret and not said aloud. A mantra is unique to the practitioner and designed to suit his personality and way of life.

Transcendental meditation is typically performed for 15 to 20 minutes twice per day. It's designed to help the practitioner relax and avoid distracting thoughts. Possible benefits include a reduction in anxiety, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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