What Some Techniques to Help Prevent an Addiction Relapse?


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An individual should avoid addiction triggers, build a strong support network and create a healthy schedule to avoid addiction relapse, according to Psych Central. Attending a drug rehabilitation program is just the first step to recovery, while remaining drug-free is another step.

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Former addicts should avoid places where addiction triggers are readily available, notes Recovery.org. Such areas include bars, clubs, homes of individuals who use the substances and events where the substance is predominant. Another step is to avoid hanging out with a person who is abusing the substance. However, some of these situations might be hard to avoid, in which case the solution lies with using a buddy system. Individuals can attend such events with a friend or relative, who acts as a chaperone.

Developing a strong support network makes recovery easier, states Destination Hope. The support system should include support groups, professionals and family members. Support groups help the addict make new friends. Therapists, doctors, counselors and other professionals help the addict through challenging periods during the recovery period. Family members provide support by giving the addict a platform to communicate.

A recovering addict should swap the old substance-using routine with new habits that work towards recovery, advises Addiction.com. He needs to create time for work, exercise, family and rest. He should acquire a daily planner and plan activities for each day, making sure to achieve each activity in the routine to completion. Having a healthy schedule makes it easy to achieve addiction recovery goals.

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