What Are Some Techniques to Overcome Panic Attacks?


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Some techniques for overcoming a panic attack while it is occurring are recognizing the symptoms, accepting the attack, and performing breathing exercises, according to PsychCentral. More long-term strategies for dealing with anxiety include exercise, talking to a therapist and joining a support group.

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What Are Some Techniques to Overcome Panic Attacks?
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It is important to know the symptoms of panic attacks because it can help make them less scary when they occur. Symptoms include hyperventilation, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shakiness and nausea, explains PsychCentral. Learning to accept panic attacks when they occur and knowing that attacks typically have a short duration can help make them less overwhelming.

Some breathing exercises can help counteract the hyperventilation of panic attacks and have a calming effect, notes PsychCentral. For example, a person can try concentrating on a pattern of breathing in through his nose for five seconds, and then slowly exhaling through his mouth for five seconds.

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