What Are Some Techniques for Catching a Cheating Spouse?


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Techniques to catch a cheating spouse include careful surveillance and using online resources and hired help. Most spouses are not interrogated into confession but rather are caught through accidental means or through monitoring.

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If you are attempting to catch a spouse cheating, avoid giving any clues that there is suspicion. While it is difficult to avoid making accusations, being excessively inquisitive or behaving anxiously, it is imperative to do so. Most cheating spouses are on guard for a suspicious partner. If a cheating person becomes aware that she is under suspicion, she adjusts her behaviors in order to conceal the affair, making it more difficult to reveal the truth.

Often, a spouse is forced into acknowledging an affair after an accidental discovery. To increase the likelihood of such a discovery, come home or show up at the spouse's work unexpectedly. Monitor phone calls, keeping in mind that cheating spouses often store a lover's phone number under a different name. Download computer monitoring software, or install hidden cameras and voice activated recorders.

There are forensic infidelity tests that examine a person's clothing for biological evidence of cheating and services that search for hidden social profiles online. Purchase a global positioning device to track a spouse's vehicle any time of day, or buy an application to monitor a partner's cell phone activity.

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