How Do You Teach a Spin Class?

How Do You Teach a Spin Class?

How Do You Teach a Spin Class?

Become a certified spinning instructor, and study the manual closely. Get in great shape so your students are motivated to continue taking the class. When you see a student in need of your help, give her first-hand assistance.

  1. Become a certified instructor

    Attend a Spinner Instructor Orientation. The seminar gives you all the pointers and advice you need to become a qualified instructor. When you sign up to become a spinning teacher, you also receive an instructor's manual that tells you everything you need to know about teaching a class.

  2. Get in good shape

    Do spinning workouts as often as possible. This gets your body physically ready to teach others. Spinning practice often increases your endurance and gives you a good idea of what you should expect from the people in your class.

  3. Be an example

    If you're overweight or constantly running out breath, this can reduce your chances of motivating your students. Being in good physical condition gives the people in your spin class something to aspire to. Setting a good example may also mean following a healthy diet and keeping hydrated during class.

  4. Give assistance when needed

    If you see one of your students performing a spinning exercise the wrong way, get off your bike and give her assistance. This makes it less likely that a student becomes injured during class.