What Are Some TBI Treatments?

Treatments for traumatic brain injury include taking certain medications, rehabilitation and surgery, states Mayo Clinic. A person with severe brain injury requires immediate hospitalization to supply the brain with blood and prevent additional damage to the head. Mild injury requires no treatment; however, constant monitoring of the condition may help discover new or lasting symptoms.

People with traumatic brain injury are likely to experience seizures some days after the injury, so taking anti-seizure drugs may help counter the problem, according to Mayo Clinic. Diuretics aid in keeping brain pressure levels normal. Coma-inducing medications may be necessary if increased pressure in the brain compresses blood vessels, interfering with the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Rehabilitation for a traumatic brain injury patient typically starts in the hospital and depends upon the injured part and severity of the injury, explains Mayo Clinic. The therapy focuses on relearning to do normal tasks, walk and talk. Surgical procedures involve opening the skull to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid and removing hematomas, which may increase pressure and damage the brain. Surgery also aids in removing pieces of skull from the brain and repairing fractures in the skull. Avoiding driving under the influence, wearing protective headgear when playing certain sports, wearing seat belts, and installing handrails on staircases and bathrooms may prevent injuries that may cause the problem.