What Are Some Tasty Foods for a Salt-Free Diet?

Some tasty foods for a salt-free diet are fresh fruit, broiled meat, steamed vegetables, rice and pasta, as well as fresh herbs and seasonings such as bay leaf and curry. Salt-free diets should rely upon foods that have undergone a minimum of processing, as many processed foods, such as cured meats and instant ramen, contain large amounts of salt.

Many foods in their natural state contain little, if any, salt. For example, canned vegetables are considered a high-sodium food source, while fresh or steamed vegetables are considered safe for a low-sodium diet. Fruit in most forms is salt-free, unless it has been pickled or used in a salty dessert. Fresh, canned, or frozen, fruit is safe for those avoiding salt, and can be eaten as a replacement for sweet cakes and pastries that need salt as part of the baking process.

Broiled meat is also an appropriate match for this diet. Sausages, hot dogs, bologna, bacon, and other highly-processed meats are not. Coated meats, such as chicken nuggets, are also a bad choice for a salt-free diet. If broiled meat seems a little plain, herbs like curry, bay leaf, garlic, and dried onion can be added to give the meat extra flavor without adding any salt.

Pasta and rice are naturally salt-free, but they should not be boiled in salted water. The salt gets absorbed by the food while it is cooking.