What Are Some Tasty Foods That Are Lower in Fiber Content?


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Some tasty foods that are lower in fiber content include tender meat, eggs, fish, poultry, smooth peanut butter and tofu, notes Mayo Clinic. Avoid any food that causes allergic reactions or discomfort. People on a low-residue diet may have limited food choices.

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A low-fiber diet restricts foods that contain high fiber content, such as grains, fruits and vegetables. It helps to reduce the amount of undigested food material passing through the colon. This diet is recommended for those who have undergone bowel surgery, those with a narrow bowel due to an inflammatory disease or a tumor and patients undergoing treatment for digestive tract damages, according to Mayo Clinic. People on a low-fiber diet should always read food labels to view the main ingredients of the foods. Typically, foods that contain no more than 1 gram of fiber in serving are the best option.

When cooking meals, ensure that they are tender, states Mayo Clinic. Proper cooking methods include braising, stewing, steaming, poaching and simmering. Try to avoid grilling, roasting and broiling food because these tend to make food tough and dry. Drinking extra fluids while on this diet helps to prevent constipation. Drink plenty of water unless the doctor advises otherwise.

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