What Are the Best-Tasting Foods Allowed Before a Colonoscopy?


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The best tasting foods available the week before a colonoscopy include pasta, pizza and baked goods, but the day before the colonoscopy, the limits on diet make a popsicle or bowl of Jell-O preferable choices. That last day, only clear liquid foods are allowed, notes Harvard Medical School.

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During a colonoscopy, the doctor wants to see any polyps or lesions growing inside the bowel. Any solid food particles can interfere with the doctor's ability to see clearly, and polyps or lesions left to develop can turn into cancer over time. The purpose of the dietary restrictions is to get as many solid items out of the bowel as possible, as stated by Harvard Medical School.

For a few days before the procedure, it is important to limit fiber in the diet. Simple starches, such as pasta, pizza dough and processed baked goods, digest quickly. While their nutritional content is not necessarily ideal, the purpose during this week is to clear the bowel out. Fiber slows down digestion, making it likely that solid food particles are still in the bowel for the colonoscopy. Reducing consumption to clear liquids and clear liquid foods that last day, in addition to taking a prescription laxative treatment, maximizes the chances of a clear bowel the day of the examination, according to Harvard Medical School.

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