How Are Tarlov Cysts Treated?


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The best method to treat Tarlov cysts is through a surgical operation that involves draining the fluids from the cysts and closing up the cysts with a fibrin glue injection, as stated by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Tarlov cysts that are accompanied by symptoms may be treated with cyst root excision, decompressive laminectomy and microsurgical cyst imbrication. There are other nonsurgical treatments, such as lumbar drainage, but the cysts tend to occur again after the treatment.

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Tarlov cysts are usually hard to diagnose because there is not enough information about this condition. Moreover, the symptoms tend to resemble those of other disorders. It may be difficult for some primary health care providers to consider Tarlov cysts through a physical examination. Therefore, a person needs to approach a neurosurgeon who has experience in treating this condition. A computed tomography scan will be required to examine a person for the condition. Other tests, such as an ultrasound or cystoscopy, may be performed.

The main cause of Tarlov cysts is unknown, but it has been linked to falls and accidents that affect the tailbone of the spine. Symptoms of this condition include loss of skin sensation, loss of reflexes, pain around the nerves, muscle weakness, change in sexual function and constipation.

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