How Do You Tape a Sprained Wrist?


According to PhysioAdvisor, there are several techniques that can be used to tape a sprained wrist. The most basic wrist-taping techniques are called "anchors" and "dorsal crosses." These techniques should be performed with adhesive, non-stretch sports tape while using hypoallergenic tape as an underlay.

According to PhysioAdvisor, the anchor technique requires placing a strip of tape around the palm, just below the fingers, and a strip of tape around the forearm, just before the wrist. These strips should not be applied too tightly, as this can cause circulatory problems. This is the most basic technique and is used as a starting point for other techniques.

The dorsal crosses technique is added on to the anchors technique, explains PhysioAdvisor. The wrist should be kept in a neutral position, bent backwards slightly about 30 degrees. The tape is started at the forearm anchor on the back of the wrist, and a cross is made, causing the tape to form an "X" shape. The tape should end at the level of the palm anchor.

According to PhysioAdvisor, wrist taping offers several benefits. In addition to aiding in the healing of sprains and other injuries, taping reduces the likelihood of injury aggravation and helps prevent injuries during high-risk activities or sports.